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Niki Delikanaki was born in Karditsa city and lives in Iraklion of Crete Island (Greece). She has two children, Kostis and Nikos. She is the State Counselor of the 19th Region of Preschool Education of Ministry of Education.


-Graduate of Athen’s School of Preschool Education.

-Holder of certification of Regional Retraining Board of Crete.

-Holder of certification in “Environmental Management and Prevention” of the Institute of Permanent Education, National Board of Public Administration.

-Graduate of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki School of Preschool Education.

-Phd in Sciences of Education, Preschool Mathematics in the direction of Early Screening of disorders in cognitive development (logicomathematical thinking), University of Ioannina, in 2008. During this research she constructed and standardized a psychometric tool assessing children 4-6 years old in the domain of  logicomathematical thinking.

-Holder of European certificates in France, Monpellier (Reseaux d’Education Prioritaires) and England, Kinver (School Partnerschip).

Foreign languages and ICT

-French, English, German and certified in Information Computer Technology.

Institutional position

She started working in 1982 for Ministry of Education as a preschool teacher. In 1993-95 she worked in the School of Education at the University of Crete. From 1998 she is serving the institutional position of State Counselor of the 19th Region of Preschool Education until today.

Teaching activity

She teaches in courses for the preschool teachers, also for the Retraining Board of Crete the subjects of Preschool Curriculum, Preschool Maths, Early Screening of cognitive disorders. She has organized numerous educational seminars for teachers.



-Delikanaki N., Kokolaki R., Noidou M. (2000). Environmental Education in Preschool Age. Ellinika Grammata.

- Delikanaki N.(2004). Sphere and circle in G. Kitsara’s Programms, Teaching Methodology in Preschool Education.

- Delikanaki N.(2005). Emotional Education, Taxideftis.


-Delikanaki N.(1996). Spatiotemporal notions and children’s literature in Preschool Education, in Diadromes, no 44.

- Delikanaki N.(2009). Evaluation of Spatial Ability in preschool children, Epistimes Agogis, university of Crete, no 2/2009.

- Delikanaki N.(2009). Mathematical Development in preschool age as a basis for elementary mathematics in the direction of transition, in Sinhrono Nipiagogio, no 71.

-Delikanaki N. (2009). Supporting mathematical and metacognitive abilities  of preschool children by method “problem solving”-Dear St Claus to construct o box in the shape of cube…Volume of Congress of Mathematical Education ENEDIM, University of the Aegean, Rodos, p.229-236.

Mathematical Literature

-Delikanaki N.(2009). Adventure in Shapes of Art Museum, mathematical litterature book for ages 4-7years old.

-Delikanaki N.(2009). The Santa Claus’s Cube, mathematical literature book for ages 5-8years old.

Participation in Congresses

- Delikanaki N.(2002). The importance of early screening of disorders and supporting children in preschool age, Conference for Special Education, Iraklion.

- Delikanaki, N. & Stavrou, L. (2007). LOGMATH Scale of Logico-mathematical Thinking as a psychometric tool for early assessment in cognitive development for children 4-6 years old, 9th European Conference on Psychological Assessment,  European Association of Psychological Assessment, Thessaloniki.

- Delikanaki N.(2008). Recording the observations of mathematical development of preschool children, Congress of Greek Pedagogical Board, Athens.

- Delikanaki N.(2009).Evaluation of school readiness in preschool children, congress  Transition and Continuity in the Education, university of Crete, Rethymno.

- Delikanaki N.(2009).Supporting mathematical and metacognitive abilities  of preschool children by method “problem solving”. Congress of Mathematical Education ENEDIM, University of the Aegean, Rodos.

- Delikanaki N.(2010). Mathematics and Litterature, 7o Congress of Greek Pedagogical Board, University of Crete, School of Education, Rethymno

Innovating Educational Projects: Education in traffic (2003), Prevention of Accidents in children (2004), Exposition of Mathematical Ideas (2008), Maths and Litterature (Award of Ministry of Education for Excellence & Innovation 2011).

Social activity: She had been elected in the Board of the Union of Teachers in Iraklion in 1995/96. She was candidate for Municipal Council of Heraklion in 2002. She writes articles in the regional press about educational and social matters. She has presented many lectures about education for parents and the public opinion.



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